Runner #1 Profile – Jason M.

BRR 2007 pic

1)  What should your BRR Team 4tunate running nickname be (note: this will be assigned if you don’t submit)?  Jason will assign me “Sweaty” (obvious reasons)
2)  How long have you been a runner?  Ran a little in college, got more serious about 5 years ago
3)  Why do you run (or what are you running from?)?  I run to eat what I want and because it makes me feel good.  I don’t think I run from anything…I do run towards port-a-johns.
4)  How many BRRs have you run?  2009 will be my 4th
5)  Last 3 races you have run?  2009 Ellerbe Springs Marathon, 2009 Half-Marathon Trail run on Anne Springs Greenway and 2008 Charlotte Thunderroad marathon
6)  Upcoming events you might be training for?  Mesa Falls Marathon in WY and a few marathons (Charlotte, Raleigh, maybe others) in the fall
7)  What Brand/Model running shoes do you run in?  Brooks Adrenaline
8)  When you aren’t running you are  ______.  Sadly, I must say working but on my best days I am playing with my 7-month old son
9)  Favorite/Rave Run (location, course, etc.)?  My favorite course is Boston – so many fans, so much history.  My favorite run around Charlotte is running uptown from the Starbucks location near the Harris Y.
10) What is the running accomplishment you are most proud of achieving?  Qualifying for Boston at the 2007 Green Bay marathon.  My family was there to cheer me on for the first time, which made it more special.  Also, the finish of the Green Bay marathon includes a lap around Lambeau Field which, as a lifelong GB Packers fan, was memorable.
11) Favorite BRR Memory (or for 1st timers:  why do the BRR?)?  This is tough…I have a lot.  I would say running the finishing leg in 2008 for the 4-person team.  2008 was more of a challenge because the 4-person team had to prove that we could do it again and it seemed like a tougher run.  Seeing Asheville with about 2 miles left was a great feeling and crossing the finish line was great.  Second place memory – eating 2 huge Qdoba burritos and chips after the 2007 BRR and falling asleep on my family room floor.
12) What is your favorite running song currently in your ipod?  I rarely listen to music – I stick with podcasts.  I usually listen to The Sports Guy – Bill Simmons, who is an ESPN columnist that discusses sports, pop culture and a variety of topics.  Keeps me adequately distracted.


4 Responses

  1. […] Jason M – 20-time marathon finisher, Boston Marathon qualifier,  5 time Ultra BRR-er and proud papa of a 18 month old boy. […]

  2. How does running a marathon compare with running the BRR? I’ve done neither, but Thunder Road will be my first this year!

    I’m Kevin’s sister, btw. He invited me to run with you guys but I offered up Chris instead – he’s faster than me! You’re welcome.

    • Too funny Melissa and definitely thank you! Marathon vs. BRR, eh? Good question. I don’t get nearly as sore after a marathon as I do after BRR but BRR has been a much more memorable event to me than running marathons. I like them both but I am prouder of my BRR accomplishments than I am of marathoning ones. Marathons tend to be more about the experience for me than the achievements. I’ll likely see you at Thunder Road in December.

  3. Nice work Jason M. “Sweaty” is an appropriate replacement for “Sneaky”. Sneaky was coined a la our running buddy John H. because he said you were the fastest non-runner looking guy he has ever met (yes, this was a compliment).

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