Less than 14 hours and counting…

Only 14 more hours and we’ll be off and running!  Team KT Tape, or is it Team 4tunate (to have 2 more runners), er, is it Team Snuggie?  Team names are overrated.  What matters is we are as ready as we are going to be to roll along the countryside for 29-30 hours in a van while one poor schlep hoofs it on foot from checkpoint to checkpoint.

As in the last 5 years, we know that excitement will be very high at 3:30 in the morning when we depart, remain high until about 4:10 when everyone except driver and co-pilot conk out on their respective bench seats, then excitement will only be high for driver and co-pilot until the rest rise around sunrise and we start to remember how real the hills in the mountains really are.  From there excitement turns to fear, then back to excitement when we remember the first leg is all downhill anyways.  About leg 8 we will ask in a fun-loving way, “why are we doing this again?”.  About leg 18 we will ask in a less-fun-loving way, “Why are we doing this again?” except the answer will blame an individual.  About leg 28 we will ask 2 questions: 1) “When is the sun coming up” or maybe “is it dark for this long each night?” and 2) “why are we doing this again?” except blame will be fully agreed upon and that person will no longer receive the kind of support the other 5 people do.  Finally at leg 36 in Asheville, everyone except for that poor last runner will be loving life again and talking about the first meal (little does the team know that I strategically position myself to drive so I can strategically position our first stop at a Bojangles!).  The finish occurs, elation ensues and wraps up about 8 minutes later and then the team without comment will walk back to the van and all head for Charlotte.  Little will be said except for the standard agreement that we will not discuss the prospect of returning for 30 days when sanity sets back in without bias.

All of this is true and yet we ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS EVENT!!!  Lots to do.  To the start…

If you are running in the race – you’ll know who we are by the team wearing these shirts.


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  1. Good luck to you guys, and have fun!!!

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