You Can Set Your Watch By It

It’s August and that means running focus for at least 6 runners I know and likely 120 teams worth of Blue Ridge Relay-entered runners shifts to the 2-state run through the mountains in September.  We return in 2011 with the same exact team as 2010 running the same exact legs (a leg is a stage of the 36-stage relay race).  Creatures of habit?  Nah… We thought about switching it up but the BRR is definitely not a place where familiarity breeds contempt.  More like the opposite as there is something comforting about running some impossible hill in the back woods of a town you’ll likely never drive through in daylight much less run through in the dark outside of this race.  For those wanting to know about one of the fellow teams you will be competing against here is our data:

  • Years of Blue Ridge Relay (BRR) experience:  5 (this is our 6th consecutive run)
  • Average age of our team:  36.8 years of age
  • Average years of BRR experience:  3.7 years
  • # of Vegetarians on the team:  2 (up 1 from last year)
  • Are we sponsored?  Yes – Thanks KT TAPE for your support this year!!!
  • Will we be bringing our Mascot (“Dualie – the 6-wheeled van”)?  That’s the plan!
Our lineup (in leg order with links where available to their runner profiles from last year):
  1. Jason M – Charlotte (6th year of BRR)
  2. Jason S – Fort Mill (6th year of BRR)
  3. John H – Waxhaw (5th year of BRR)
  4. Cindy S – Fort Mill (2nd year of BRR this writer’s better half)
  5. Alex S – Fort Mill (3rd year of BRR)
  6. Whitney T – St. Louis, MO (6th year of BRR)
So, what’s so special about this race and why do we like it so?  Read this.
What do I need to know about the legs and how do they break down for our 6 runners you ask?  Read this.
Tell me more about each leg please – check out our cue sheets.
Are there rules to this race?  What about unwritten rules?  Glad you asked.  Read this.  
In an ideal world I keep regular posts coming in advance of the race.  More to come here.

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  1. Good luck to you guys! And have fun! Take it from me – don’t take your running days for granted!

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