Team 4tunate (to have 2 more runners) is in for a 5th year! Addicted? Nah!

It’s official!  We are semi-officially registered for our 5th annual Blue Ridge Relay race!  All but the check has been mailed.  Some old (yes, this is you John) veteran’s are a back for another go of it and a newbie has joined the team to see exactly what all the hub-bub is about (yes, this is a quote from Cindy).  It will be our first year with 2 related runners on the team (my beautiful bride of 11 years, Cindy) although not the first year with relations in the van (our drivers, Olivia and Michael, from a past 4-person team eventually joined hands in matrimony).  Our 2010 team consists of (neither runner order nor runner-nicknames are officially set so we are in alphabetic order here):

  • Alex S – Sub-6 hour half-iron man finisher, marathon, 1-time Ultra BRR finisher and proud papa of 3.
  • Cindy S – 6-time marathon finisher and first time BRR.  Proud mama of 3 and a butt-kicking YMCA instructor to boot.
  • Jason M – 20-time marathon finisher, Boston Marathon qualifier,  5 time Ultra BRR-er and proud papa of a 18 month old boy.
  • Jason S – your blog geek and co-captain (with 5 other captains).
  • John H – 38-time marathon finisher, 4-time Ultra BRR-er and proud papa of 3.
  • Whitney T – multiple-marathon finisher, Boston Marathon qualifier, 5-time BRR-er and world traveler.

Same stuff for the blog this year.  Runner profiles.  Reminscing on past BRR races.  Discussions of the perfect runner food.  Some talk on logistics, van rules and we might even surprise ourselves with some new banter on an old blog.  Personally I am thinking John, Whitney or Jason could add some “aaaaahh, I remember back in the day when I was running in my first BRR…” Lastly capturing some links to other team’s sites so we can peek in on some of their tricks, preparations, etc. will be in order.  Who knows, there might even be a guest blogger…

3 months, 6 days to start time…


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  1. Glad to see the team back this year. Wish I was running too. Good luck to all of you, I’ll be following your progress!

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