Progress made – we have a van…

1 down 5 to go...

Rest easy – we won’t have to cram 6 runners and gear into my 8 year old 4-door sedan.  A luxurious 15 passenger, 4-bench, 2 captains chair van is awaiting our pickup on Thursday, September 10th (consider this detail a a not-so-subtle reminder that the race starts on Friday morning).  The 4-bench part of the past sentence is key.  That means that whilel 1 person is out running, 3-4 people can be snoozing while the 6 team member (likely the person who just ran) drives, eats, sweats, etc…  Don’t skim over the word “luxurious” either.  Although the van will be anything but luxurious after a few legs of the race, the added spaciousness a small team affords is oh soooo nice.  Aaahhhh – I can almost feel the “whole-bench-to-myself” mentality setting in!  We got an “early reservation” rate of $239 for the weekend so long as we don’t exceed 900 total miles.  $.30/mile after that – we should be able to avoid the extra per mile fee.

The creature comforts of 2-day van living reminds me of a funny story from last year’s race.  Tell me more you ask?  Well, ok.  But only because you asked so nice.  1:30am.  Leg 6/Exchange Zone 22 or was it Leg 7/Exchange Zone 26?  Can’t remember the leg/zone for sure but I do remember the 1:30am part and the small arts school on top of the hill that hosted the exchange zone.  I run up to the exchange.  The peaceful existence of night-running in the sticks gives way to a din of activity.  People are cheering.  Music playing.  Dogs uphill from the zone are barking.  Many, many, many team vehicles are parked.  No sign of John, the runner I was handing the wrist baton/strap thing off to.  No sign of a team member to get me to the van.  No sign of the van.  I wander calmly looking for our burgandy van.  Nothing.  Noone.  I decide that yelling for John was my only possible solution.  No avail.  Minutes tick by.  I wander some more.  No John.  Wait.  I see the van.  Lights off.  Engine off.  Huh?  Doors locked?  Passenger seat empty?  I politely tap on the window.  Nothing.  Walk to the driver’s side and guess who I find asleep?  The entire van but most notably John, the next runner.  Conked out in the driver’s seat.  Like they all had been drugged.  I tap the window with my light – John jumps up, bolts from the car with waist belt dragging, headlamp dangling, apologizing but most importantly running.  A quick check-out/check-in at the checkpoint and the sleep-running begins.  I crawl into the driver’s seat and off we go to the next exchange.

Not terribly comical, nor common but a funny sequence of events that don’t occur in everyday life.  Anyways – bought new running shoes (Asics could back off the price a bit of their DS Trainers – starting to get a bit ridiculous) in anticipation of needing a couple of pair for the race.  Not 100% necessary but a nice luxury in the event of weather or heat-induced foot sweat.  Get that visual!

My assumption is a cute team race shirt like year’s past is in order – see last post for example.  Feedback here appreciated – would like to get the shirts and printing taken care of by mid-August.  Man this race gets me excited!  Comment away with your desires.

Look for our 1st runner profile coming up in the next post – Runner #1 (Jason M.), you are on deck.


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  1. […] it to the exchange point.  That alarm can wake up your team if everyone has dozed off waiting!  (That really has happened.)  It is very helpful to make sure you get to the right spot on […]

  2. Sounds like it’ll be fun! Can’t wait. I just recently found out that we run through the night. That’s awesome and frightening at the same time. What’s it like? Any run-ins with bears or stuff like that in the past races?

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