Runner Profile #5 – Whitney T

a good (flat) leg

a good (flat) leg

1) What should your BRR Team 4tunate running nickname be (note: this will be assigned if you don’t submit)? Whitruns – but if you see me coming, “punch it” will make me run faster than a nick name
2) How long have you been a runner? Since high school. I took a short break during college (sorority life got in the way) then joined a marathon training program to meet new people and have been hooked on long distance running ever since.
3) Why do you run (or what are you running from?)? Definitely for the bragging rights!
4) How many BRRs have you run? 4 – year 1 was a 6 person team, then a 12 and 10 person team – i’m a bit nervous about running the race with 6 people again but am pretty pumped about the team’s enthusiasm
5) Last 3 races you have run? I ran in a track series over the summer and beat a bunch of 12-year-olds which was awesome. The last 2 big races that I ran before that were the St Louis marathon relay and the Kansas City marathon.
6) Upcoming events you might be training for? The Marine Corps marathon in DC on 10/25 – after the BRR it should feel like a training run
7) What Brand/Model running shoes do you run in? Asics 2140s…size 12!

8)When you aren’t running you are singing karaoke! Or more likely working for the man.
9) Favorite/Rave Run (location, course, etc.)? Forest Park in St Louis is pretty awesome.
10) What is the running accomplishment you are most proud of achieving? Making it through the BRR every year is always a pretty big deal. If I could get through leg #35 without walking that would definitely be at the top of the list.
11) Favorite BRR Memory (or for 1st timers: why do the BRR?)? Worst memory: hearing something hissing at me in the dark and not being able to see it. Best memory: getting high fives and cheers from many random vans along the way.
12) What is your favorite running song currently in your ipod? Beat It


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  2. […] Whitney T – multiple-marathon finisher, Boston Marathon qualifier, 5-time BRR-er and world traveler. […]

  3. Definitely clothes pins…”Punch it!” I almost certainly think you have defined the ACTUAL nickname I plan to use throughout the race! “Punch It” or “PI” for short.

  4. Beating 12 year olds, huh? That does sound like fun! Anyway, “Punch It!”, looking forward to meeting you in person and watching you fly!

  5. Here’s the real question – how do you handle being the only girl in a van full of sweaty guys? Air freshener or clothes pins?

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