Sponsorship! #blueridgerelay

That’s right – sponsored!  And by one of our team’s favorite running products.  KT Tape.  When John runs he nearly coats himself in this stuff.  The only way it would get more use by him is if they offered a paint-on application.  Bottom line is this company is a big supporter of great athletic events, offer a fantastic product and best I can tell, has some great people working for the company.

This tape works – it alleviates aches/pains experienced during exercise and although I’m no expert, it seems to help performance and post-race recovery.  I use it mostly for achilles tendonitis on both my left and right leg (an application that is mostly around the heel of the foot with a longer piece running up the bottom of the leg from the heel) and for calf strain on my right leg (2 pieces vertically and horizontally across the leg).  During my longer runs I think about how funny it would be to put a stripe of it across my forehead…that may be humor reserved for higher mileage outings as it admittedly doesn’t seem as funny while typing.

Typically I go black on black for the colors but do like the idea of taping up with god’s colors (Orange and Blue).  The site has some great videos on how best to apply .  Once applied, I’ve worn it in the shower, for all 6 legs of the Blue Ridge Relay, and I have seen people wear it while swimming.  Give this stuff a try.  I’m not just saying this because they are kind enough to support our team in this year’s event either.  It just plain works.

Next post:  Food/energy management (why do I procrastinate on this topic?).