Team Names are Overrated. Food/Nutrition/Energy Isn’t.

Team Low Hanging Fruit.  Team 4tunate.  Team 4tunate (to have 2 more runners.  Actual names of our Blue Ridge Relay team in the past years.  Low Hanging Fruit was a nod to mid-90s corporate speak.  Still funny even today.  Even funnier when I hear it being referenced in a sentence these days at work.  I have made a promise to myself to just walk out and come back the next day if I ever hear it in a sentence at work with “40,000 foot level”.

Team 4tunate was a nod to our back-to-back years of running the race with a 4-person team.  We also had strong thoughts about getting more altruistic with our running.  In fact, I still spend a great deal of time thinking about how to make this a reality.  But seriously, do we have so few friends that running it not once, but TWICE, made sense?  I remember a Starbuck’s post-run coffee with the other 3 team members where we rationalized how being in a van for 30+ hours warranted a significant effort.  The kind of effort you’d remember.  I remember sleeping downstairs afterwards because I couldn’t make it upstairs.  I remember taking the bus to work because I couldn’t drive a stick for a few days afterwards…

Team 4tunate (to have 2 more runners) was a nod to the return of sensibility.  I remember how easy the race seemed the first year we ran with 6 again.  That memory has long since faded.  6, in my humble opinion, is still the perfect team size.  One van, everyone except the driver gets to sprawl on a bench.  All good.

Now this year…I think officially we are registered as Team Snuggie.  This seemed like a great idea back in February/March.  The start line pictures of all of us in Snuggies at the time made it seem even funnier.  The practicality of the Snuggie throughout the night stages also seemed too good to pass up.  I’d even be interested in the night picture with all of us in it with the reflective vests on…but I’m not sure the name will stick.  That is, unless we fail to come up with something better.  Any ideas?

Next post?  Food, Nutrition, Energy, Hydration and my plan to have a plan for these great concepts this year…


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