Runner #4 Profile: Cindy (aka “Rook!”)


This is Cindy’s first year in the race.  Go easy on her.  We have told her this is an event where hygiene, fresh smells and sleep is as important as the event itself.  With this knowledge she signed up without much of a hesitation.  Truth be told she signed up only after 4 years of hesitation but we finally broke her down with the subtleties of peer pressure.  Welcome to the team Cindy.  You won’t regret it.  So long as you can look past the smell, lack of sleep and Basically as long as you finish what you started and you don’t make John use the words:  “see, I knew this spousal thing wasn’t such a good idea of the BRR – or at least a team with 1 van” then it is a total victory.

1) What makes you want to run BRR this year or what are you most looking forward to in this years race? After my last marathon I was not sure if I really wanted to do another one anytime soon.  I felt like I had maxed out on what I could do time-wise with the kind of training I do.  And if I wanted to better my marathon time I would need to change the way the I train and I am not sure with the ages of my children that I am really in a place I can do that.  I also thought that this race was a different kind of challenge that played to my strengths (i.e, working out on tired legs).  But quite frankly, I was very tired of a certain person moping around the house for weeks lamenting over not having enough runners and not being able to run the BRR this year.

2) How many BRRs have you run? 0

3) What race would you like to run that you never have? I am actually not a fan of races so there are none that I have a strong desire to run.  I really detest all that pre-race chatter at start lines (“How many gu’s are you going to use?”  “What miles are you going to take them at?”  “I only ran a one mile warm-up” Etc.)  Just hush up and run already.  I like running the race, but just not all that pre-race stuff.

4)  Hobbies outside of running? Spending time with friends and family, reading, working out (Other than running), and spending copious amounts of money on things at that “are not really all that necessary” (according to my husband).

5)  Best funny / entertaining running-related story? I highly recommend that if you are going to trip, fall, and bust your face while running do so in front of the Ritz Carlton.  They will be very kind to you.  This happened to me working in Toronto.  They brought me back to my hotel (not the Ritz) and walked me to my room (Jason thought I had been mugged).  I can also remember being a car the night before the Columbus Marathon with a couple of nervous runners (who shall remain nameless) who insisted on driving the race course and making commentary on every uphill and downhill – “there’s a little hill here”,  “ooo – a little downhill here.”  Lots of fun.

6) Favorite leg of BRR?  Least favorite leg?  Or…what leg are you most / least looking forward to? Ignorance is bliss.  (Remember – just hush up and run already)

7)  Best food advice you can give new runners or what food are you most likely to bring on the trip? I will defer to the wisdom of the experienced.

8)  What food will you eat as soon as the race is done? Something salty I hope.

9)  What running shoes will you wear and non-running shoes? Asics 2040s or whatever the latest model they are up to is.  Heiskell style!


2 Responses

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  2. Brings a tear to my eye…except the comment about spending wasn’t all that funny. Deep down you know most things are luxuries and slowly I am pulling you to the dark side on this one. 🙂

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