2010 Rules, Regs and Other Commentary

Get your rules and regs hot off the presses by clicking the picture/list above.  Spend a few minutes here familiarizing yourself with the governing rules of the 2010 Blue Ridge Relay.  Nothing too crazy here but some basic points to highlight:

  • iPods – leave them in the van.  Lots of time added to your team time if found running with these on.
  • Vests – basically if it is dark out they need to be on. I’ll be keeping it simple and sleeping in mine.
  • Lighting – flashing red lights and a headlamp/flashlight are required in addition to the vest when running at night.  I plan too look like a runway or a Christmas tree out there.
  • Race numbers – get to know your number and the number of the runner following you.  “Runners math” can be tricky (if we manage this right, we will just have to add 1) so spend some time here once we get the numbers in the van.
  • The Blue Ridge Parkway – except for Leg 35 the parkway is for runners only.  No runners will be allowed on the parkway without a vest. Big penalties (like disqualification for these actions).
  • Noise – night noise isn’t cool.  Unnecessary night noise is even less cool.  Enjoy the peace.  Keep the peace too. 7:30pm-7:30am keep it to a dull roar please.

There are many more.  The race director is pretty serious about keeping this race in the good graces of the Blue Ridge people that matter.  Most of these rules are in place to do just that.

Unwritten van rules (you won’t find these in the handbook):

  • Extensive bare feet are not cool.  Cover the dogs.
  • Extensive nakedness isn’t either.
  • It is expected that changing will require nakedness at times – discretion is advised.  Uncovered rumps on the van seats at any time is completely out of line.
  • Ziplocks for funked out running clothes please.
  • The front right hand seat implies you are the navigator – if you find yourself here and unable to navigate, kindly excuse yourself from this seat.
  • Newspaper those shoes please – there isn’t a strong enough air freshener.

I am sure there are others – please comment at will.  The following links have good info to read as interested:

JMart – I couldn’t find the maps nor the handbook from last year…any ideas?


2 Responses

  1. […] out our cue sheets. Are there rules to this race?  What about unwritten rules?  Glad you asked.  Read this.   In an ideal world I keep regular posts coming in advance of the race.  More to come here. Like […]

  2. Other Van rules:
    – Be open to driving the van but if you are a bad driver – just apologize in advance but still drive
    – Keep track of your leg timings so we can keep track…we are semi-scientific here, provided we can find the spreadsheet from the previous year
    – No nakedness is allowed – I don’t know why Sutton wasn’t clearer about this
    – Be calm and be nice
    – It’s ok to sweat a lot…just towel off often (this is directed to me and John)

    JSutton – looks like we will have to create a new notebook this year. Send me the timings from last year and I will update and create.

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