Runner #3 Profile – John

John’s new to the profile game as in the 2006, 2007 and 2008 teams he was a part of we didn’t do cool stuff like this. Welcome back John.  Editor’s note: it should be noted that John wanted little to do with this profile.  For the 8-10 people that spend time on this blog (per year), please know that we tried our best to stick to historical truth based on common examples where necessary.

1) What makes you want to run BRR this year or what are you most looking forward to in this years race? I am running to get rid of the “wuss” points I was given last year for skipping the event with a back injury last year.  Of course, running the fewest miles out of the other 5 runners on the team likely doesn’t allow me to work down the number I received as aggressively as I would like. I run the event to eat Chef Boyardee products in bulk.

2) How many BRRs have you run? 2010 will be my 4th.  It should be noted that I ran 2x with a 4 person team.

3) What race would you like to run that you never have? Good question.  Maybe the Jackson, Wyoming Marathon next August?

4)  Hobbies outside of running? Family, reading, hockey (go Penguins!), church and technology.

5)  Best funny / entertaining running-related story? I have some pretty funny cold-weather running stories about frozen body parts.

6) Favorite leg of BRR?  Least favorite leg?  Or…what leg are you most / least looking forward to? Favorite leg: #31 – because I WON’T be running up it this year!

7)  Best food advice you can give new runners or what food are you most likely to bring on the trip? Go with Chef B!  I will religiously eat after each run and if possible do so prior to entering the van.  Choking down food is the key to a good race.

8)  What food will you eat as soon as the race is done? McDonald or some fast food that I can get for the ride back.  If Sutton permits maybe we’ll go to KFC.

9)  What running shoes will you wear and non-running shoes? Asics 2040s or whatever the latest model they are up to is.


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