Our Mascot (“Dualie, The Odd-Wheeled Van”) Returns!

Hip Hip, Hooray!  Hip Hip, Hooray!  Dualie’s back!  You know it, the odd-wheeled van will join us for another year of rocking good times on the BRR.  Stable, dependable, peel-outable Dualie is back!  Arrrriiiiight!

Not sure whether it will be the original white on gray combo or a cousin-combo (marroon and gray would be snazzy too) but I know I speak for the team when I say we are excited to have him back.  The insects, small animals and reptiles that hang just off the shoulder of the road may not share this same sentiment.  Nothing says “make room in the Exchange Zone” quite like Dualie does when he rolls in.  And those midnight stares of insane jealousy when we roll in…I’m working on getting either the Mexican Salsa horn sound or the “General Lee” horn sound to accompany the van.  Basically our “we have arrived” and our “we are out” them-song.  Honestly, the only better van I could think of having would be the one from the A-team.  There’s always next year.

Side note for our team members…if you haven’t officially registered via the BlueRidgeRelay.com website we are delinquent.  I think there’s one runner named John who might be in this boat.  Time to call Ken and grovel a bit if you don’t mind.

Let the training commence.


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