Runner #2 Profile – Jason S.

My updated profile for 2010.  Enjoy, make fun, and/or marvel at my ability to focus on the little things…

1) What makes you want to run BRR this year or what are you most looking forward to in this years race? Looking most forward to running it with our newest rookie and my wife, Cindy (runner #4).  Always glad to see our veterans return for another year.  I mainly want to run the BRR for the excuse to be able to run a few times in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere.  It’s cool, spooky, sensational…I also like knowing this is the farthest I will run in a 2-day period for the year.

2) How many BRRs have you run? 2010 will be my 5th.  3rd time with 6 people after 2 years in the middle with 4 people.  Jason M and I are essentially in competition to see who won’t make one of these races first…

3) What race would you like to run that you never have? I think I harbor some aspiration to run an ultra but the aspiration would need to overcome the fear.  Also looking forward to running an all-trail Relay Race (Smoky Mountain Relay next April?).

4)  Hobbies outside of running? Family, hiking, biking, reading.  Also enjoy working with wood but I’m not convinced the wood is better off when I am finished than it was before I started.

5)  Best funny / entertaining running-related story? Whitney has a funny story that occurred at the Richmond Marathon a few years back involving poop and McDonalds (please don’t sue me McDonalds).  I still laugh about this. Alex’s (Runner #5) friend Bo during our travel to the Myrtle Beach Marathon provides me with several laughs thinking about him too.  Digging my favorite running hat out of the Texaco restroom toilet at Mile 17 in the Richmond marathon a few years back makes me chuckle a bit too – my Mom made that hat for me…crappy experience (pun intended).

6) Favorite leg of BRR?  Least favorite leg?  Or…what leg are you most / least looking forward to? Favorite leg: #2 – great view of a farmhouse and field after a long downhill.  Least favorite leg: my last one because the fun is over.  Always look forward to seeing the sun set while running up the Grandfather.

7)  Best food advice you can give new runners or what food are you most likely to bring on the trip? In 5 years I have not figured out how best to eat at this race.  This year I am going with hiking food.  Clif Mojo bars, snickers, maybe even some freeze dried foods.  High in salt and tasty.  I LOVE the rice pudding a la Heiskell family and Martin’s idea of Rice-a-Roni sounds good.  Birch-muesli will NOT be making the trip…banned from my food repertoire since the BRR 2 years back.

8)  What food will you eat as soon as the race is done? Love the idea of Bojangles mac-n-cheese, biscuit sweet tea and pintos after the race.  Might not be able to pull off that coup 2 years in a row though.  If I could have anything at all it would be a veggie burrito from Chipotle or pizza from Luigi’s.

9)  What running shoes will you wear and non-running shoes? Asics Gel DS Trainer XIVs and likely some Crocs when not running.


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  1. It’s that time of year again! Will be rooting for you guys virtually. Good luck!!!

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