Runner #1 Profile – Jason M

We started this survey thing last year and I think it would be good to restart it about four week prior to the race.  Each of the Team 4tunate (to have 2 more runners) will fill out the survey in successive order.

1) What makes you want to run BRR this year or what are you most looking forward to in this years race? I guess it comes down to tradition now.  That and this is such a well-organized race that it makes it hard to miss.  I am most looking forward to having a bit different team this year…a couple of holdovers, one veteran coming back, and one newbie…should be a great team.

2) How many BRRs have you run? 2010 will be my 5th.  3rd time with 6 people after 2 years in the middle with 4 people.

3) What race would you like to run that you never have? I think an international marathon would be pretty cool – maybe one in Venice or the one on the Great Wall of China.  Domestically, I would like to look at the Vegas marathon or one in Jackson Hole (which is only a rumor….)

4)  Hobbies outside of running? Hanging out with the family mainly.  I like to cook too but don’t get to do it enough.

5)  Best funny / entertaining running-related story? Ones that can be published are few and far between – my favorite BRR story is when all of the runners and drivers in the van fell asleep, leaving Sutton wandering around the exchange zone for 20 minutes looking for us.  I really enjoyed last year having a stray dog follow me up the Mountain Goat hard leg – it was nice to have some company.

6) Favorite leg of BRR?  Least favorite leg?  Or…what leg are you most / least looking forward to? Favorite leg is the last one – just great views of Asheville and nice to be done.  I also found last year that I really liked the first leg – again, just great views.  Least favorite – I cannot remember the # but it was in the middle of the night through a creepy town and a train in the background.  Not cool.

7)  Best food advice you can give new runners or what food are you most likely to bring on the trip? I found that I really like rice-a-roni for the race.  Rice pudding, made by John and his daughter, are stellar every year.  My personal treat are peanut M&Ms and alonds.

8)  What food will you eat as soon as the race is done? In year’s past, it was always McDonalds but last year we switched it up and went Bojangles.  When I get home, I usually go with Qdoba but last year I went to my favorite restaurant – The Flying Biscuit.  This year – who knows?  Probably The Biscuit.


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