2009 Results and More Pictures!

32 hours and 1 minute for Team 4tunate (to have 2 more runners)!!! Great accomplishment team!  Click here for detailed results (note there are 2 tabs in the spreadsheet).

11 (out of 17 Ultra teams)    4tunate (to have 2 more runners)    Fort Mill    SC    Ultra    6    9:00    7:20 AM    3:21:50 PM    32:01:50    0:09:05

In addition there are more pics to enjoy – here are the links:

Whitney’s Pics on Snapfish

Kevin’s Pics

The Blue Ridge Relay Pics

More commentary to come – must get ready for work now.


3 Responses

  1. Heck yeah, nice job everyone! I’ve been looking through the pictures trying to keep that feeling. Was a ton of fun!

  2. Yes, I am excited to see our finish time! Everyone did good work.

    I can still hear Sutton yelling out the van window to the runners “Alriiiiiiiiiight”

  3. Awesome result — congratulations everyone!

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