Our Leader Speaks – 2009 Team Handbooks are Available

The man, the myth, the legend...take me to your leader!

Our leader has spoken again and we shall listen intently and go with knowledge in hand.  In other words, the 2009 BRR Team Handbook is here for all to read and prepare themselves mentally with it.  If it isn’t in here you don’t need to know it.

Click here to see/read the 2009 BRR Team Handbooks!

Gimp Watch 2009:  Now is the time where we need to start checking in with runner health updates.  I’ll start:

  • Fatigued legs
  • Rest needed
  • Yoga, low miles and slow paces for the next 2 weeks to rest appropriately for the big event.

Don’t be shy with your updates here….


3 Responses

  1. While I’m not a fan of flavored beers, I am a fan of hoppy beers. All beer is loaded with carbs though so I’m down 🙂

    Can’t wait to meet you guys! Talk to ya tomorrow.

  2. I like the thought of this – might need a DD though. Chris – being one of the few brewmeisters I know you should appreciate this request…

  3. I think we should add “drink lots of pumpkin beer” to the list…I heard it is a good source of carbs.

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