Runner Profile #6 – Chris R


1)  What should your BRR Team 4tunate running nickname be (note: this will be assigned if you don’t submit)? Batman

2)  How long have you been a runner? I’ve been running for close to three years, but seriously running for just over a year. Only two years ago I thought two miles was an accomplishment.

3)  Why do you run (or what are you running from?)? It began as an effort to stay fit and get out of the house, but now it’s become a passion. I love the feeling after getting in a really good run… exhausted but satisfied. And I probably run from my work a little too. I work a lot and sit in front of a computer a lot, so it’s nice to get out, get fresh air, and get away from it for a while.

4)  How many BRRs have you run? This one will be my first and I’m very much looking forward to it!

5)  Last 3 races you have run? I’ve only run two, I think: Terrapin’s 5k + 1 more mile this past April here in Athens, then a 15k Miles for Marines not too long ago in Charlotte.

6)  Upcoming events you might be training for? Blue Ridge Relay and Charlotte’s Thunder Road in December.

7)  What Brand/Model running shoes do you run in? I’ve had two pairs of Aisics Evolutions and they’ve been great. I was never properly/formally fitted for shoes though, but I’m going to get that done soon. I was fitted this past Friday and found I had the wrong type of shoes 🙂 I’m now using Brooks Adrenaline 9’s (with some spiffy new Yanks). Running has never felt better.

8)  When you aren’t running you are  ______. Working and brewing the ocassional beer.

9)  Favorite/Rave Run (location, course, etc.)? Each of my previous races have been special. The one here in Athens was my first, and we (myself, Kevin, his sister Melissa and two other friends) dressed up. The second was my first trail run. As for my favorite location, there’s a nice greenway here in Athens that starts just outside my apartment. To the end and back is roughly 14.5 miles, give or take.

10) What is the running accomplishment you are most proud of achieving? I’m proud to just be enjoying it. Starting running, at least for me, was like getting to like coffee – it’s been an acquired ‘taste’.

11) Favorite BRR Memory (or for 1st timers:  why do the BRR?)? My previous employer ran the Blue Ridge Relay both of the years I was under his employment. I had a curiosity since then, but was never confident enough in myself to actually make the distance. The past year has given me that confidence and I was greatfully presented with the opportunity to participate from Kevin.

12) What is your favorite running song currently in your ipod? Since learning that I can’t have an iPod on the Blue Ridge Relay, I’ve not been running with it. However, when I did run with music it was usually to trance, goa or psy trance, or some sort of house music. My song of the moment is DT8 Project – Ride the Wave (original mix)


3 Responses

  1. Nice profile Chris! I like the nickname and share your desire to run with an iPod…I too am in the weening stages. See you in a short bit.

  2. Heck yeah it was fun! Can’t wait to do it again next year. Maybe next time we can beat the old guy without a shirt.

  3. The Terrapin run was a lot of fun. Looking forward to the BRR and glad you got properly fitted for shoes. Here’s to injury free training and a wonderful race come 9/11!

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