Our Official 2009 Start Time is (drumroll please)…

…7:20am on Friday, September 11th!!!!  This is a fantastic start time in my opinion.  Allows us to leave the Charlotte area a tiny bit later than in years past while still giving us maximized dawn/dusk/night/dawn running hours.  We will talk about these logistics in our August 17th team meeting but this should mean we can leave Charlotte around the late hour of 3:45am (sorry) and make the start line in Grayson Highlands with proper time to sign in, use facilities and hit the road for nearly 30 hours of continous team running.  Here’s the full list of teams and their start times:

In this fine print you should see "Team 4Tunate (to have 2 more runners)" starting at 7:20AM.  Cool!

In this fine print you should see "Team 4Tunate (to have 2 more runners)" starting at 7:20AM. Cool!

In addition, Ken has shared some important information for us all to have (this guy does an amazing job with this race) – please take a few minutes noting the slight changes to the course.  Unfortunately nothing was done about the severe elevation changes in legs 31 or 33. 🙂  Enjoy!

TO: Captains and Teams

From: Ken Sevensky

DATE: August 12, 2009

RE: Blue Ridge Relay Planning

30 Days and Counting:

1.    Items Needed:  Head counts needed by August 14 to assist these community groups with planning.
a.    Head count for EZ 18 at Plumtree, sandwiches, etc… provided by Green Valley Volunteer Fire Dept.  $5.00 for sandwich, bottle water, and apple.
b.    Head count for EZ 30 at Pensacola.  Pancakes and the fixin’s for $5.00.
c.    If you have suggestions for food or drinks at Exhange Zone 24 (new location, see notes below), please let me know.  This Exchange Zone will now be at the Bakersville Fire Department and they are rolling out the red carpet for the Blue Ridge Relay.  One suggestion already offered: cases of bottled water.
2.    Start Times: If you have a concern with your start time, based on your team’s ability to finish by 5:30pm, please email Ken ASAP.
3.    Start Time Data: If an item needs to be corrected on the Start Time document, such as number of runners, seed time, team category, etc…please email Ken.  This information listed has been pulled directly from the Captains’ Application, as it was on August 11.
4.    Start Line: Be at the Start Line at least 30 minutes before your start time.  If you miss your start time, you will start with the next wave, but your race clock will have started at your official start time.
5.    Substitutions/Additions: Made after this date must be completed using the Substitutions/Additions Form located on the Online Registration page.  A $10 fee applies to each change made.
6.    Volunteers: Volunteer assignments will be completed by August 15.  If your team’s volunteers have not yet registered, they can do this online via the Online Registration page.
7.    Course Changes: More detailed leg descriptions will follow.
a.    Leg 8: Because of bridge construction, we need to re-route.  The re-route will impact the leg as follows: distance will be comparable (maybe slightly shorter), 3 turns will be added, an extra noticeable climb and more changes in elevation.
b.    Leg 12: Bridge construction on the Parkway is not complete.  We will re-route on the same roads as last year.  The re-route will impact the leg as follows: 9.1 miles, rated very hard.  The profile for this alternate route is comparable to the profile posted on the website.
c.    Leg 13: This has become a permanent leg.  We are required to be off of the Parkway by 8:30pm and have looked for ways to keep this Parkway leg, but it’s not possible.  The re-route will impact this leg as follows:  7.1 miles, rated hard.  The profile for this leg is rolling with some good climbs and descents.  Total gain approximately 200 ft.  Several tight/blind turns, stay alert for traffic.
d.    Leg 24: New route for improved course.  Exchange Zone 24 will be held at Bakersville Volunteer Fire Department.  Plenty of parking, lots of grass for camping, fire house will be open for relaxing inside.  The re-route will impact this leg as follows: approximate distance 2.2 miles, slight uphill.
e.    Leg 25: New Route for improved course.  Other than a different initial 2 miles, the leg is the same.
8.    GoMotion: 20% discount on their lights for night running, via their website.  The promo code is SCevent20.
9.    Blue Ridge Relay t-shirts, crew sweatshirts, hoodie sweatshirts, baseball caps, water bottles, and travel mugs are available for purchase on the website Apparel and Goodies page.  These items must be pre-ordered and will be available for pick-up at the finish line.  These items will not be for sale at the finish line.  These are the soft, washed comfort colors.  They’ll make great gifts for your drivers, spouses, and children!  We are working on locating Technical Shirts…will keep you posted.
10.    Habitat for Humanity is our Charitable Partner this year.  Every dollar raised will go directly to local Habitat for Humanity affiliates.  As noted on the Charities page, please make checks out to Ashe Habitat for Humanity, mail your donations to the Blue Ridge Relay, and the funds will be dispersed from the Ashe Habitat affiliate.  The Blue Ridge Relay is again offering a FREE ENTRY into the 2010 Blue Ridge Relay for the team that raises the most ($3,500 minimum).
11.    Rules:   Some updates please:
a.    Quiet Hours are 7:30pm – 7:30am.  Please be extra courteous during these designated night hours.  Please no shouting, whistling, loud music, etc…Even though we’re awake, the local folk are sleeping.  Hushed talking in Exchange Zones is acceptable, but Relay Officials will be enforcing the Quiet Hours.
b.    Please read and comply with all of the rules (click this link and select “Rules and Penalties” from the left-side frame).

To the Start….


3 Responses

  1. Ah, okay. I was looking at the chart backwards thinking those at the top started first.

  2. We start at 7:20 while the majority of the teams start after us (earliest start times are at the bottom). I think the first team goes off around 6:30 or 6:45 am…we are a couple of “waves” later. Good for coolness and having company during the night legs…

  3. Great to hear! Should be nice and cool for the first handful of legs. Looking at the graphic it looks like the majority of teams start earlier than that! Is that how it’s always been? I’m excited for this!

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