Runner #3 Profile – Kevin D

Assault on Cherokee - on the run

Assault on Cherokee - on the run

1)  What should your BRR Team 4tunate running nickname be (note: this will be assigned if you don’t submit)?

Snot Rocket?

2)  How long have you been a runner? I would have to say about 8 months now.  I ran track in High School (400M sprint), but started again this year after an 8 year hiatus.

3)  Why do you run (or what are you running from?)? I run to stay in shape; I run from life’s stresses.

4)  How many BRRs have you run? This will be my first!

5)  Last 3 races you have run? 2009 Assault on Cherokee International Triathlon, 2009 Recon Off-Road Triathlon at ASC Greenway in Fort Mill and the 2009 5 mile trail run at ASC Greenway.  Jasons – next year I will run the half with you!

6)  Upcoming events you might be training for? Blue Ridge Relay!  Then 2009 Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte

7)  What Brand/Model running shoes do you run in?Saucony ProGrid Ride

8)  When you aren’t running you are  ______. Biking or swimming preferably, but most likely I am at work.

9)  Favorite/Rave Run (location, course, etc.)? Lake Wylie Splash Dash was a lot of fun.

10) What is the running accomplishment you are most proud of achieving? So far the 10K at the Splash Dash and completing a 10K run in the hills after swimming 1300 meters and biking 27.5 hilly miles at the Assault on Cherokee Triathlon.

11) Favorite BRR Memory (or for 1st timers:  why do the BRR?)? Doing it for the challenge and reward – And because Alex asked me to!

12) What is your favorite running song currently in your ipod?I am a Deadhead, but I find running to most of their music is not the best.  I came across a Black Eyed Peas song on the Ipod and it worked!

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3 Responses

  1. You call the splash dash “fun”? I call it “hard”.

    I got to practice with Kevin on his hardest leg – and wow, I am impressed with you guys doing this!! I’ll try to be at the finish line to cheer you in!

  2. Nice work on both the profile and the quality blog you have. I am jealous of the recon you all got in over the weekend and grow more excited about the race with each passing day. Looking forward to it!

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