Runner #2 Profile – Jason S.

My home for 2008 BRR: Van Bench #3

My "home" for the 2008 BRR: Van Bench #3

1)  What should your BRR Team 4tunate running nickname be (note: this will be assigned if you don’t submit)? I have been called many things (“Nap”, “Chatter”, “Racin Jason” as a reference to the speed of my mouth as a kid I think, etc.) and so long as you aren’t calling me “Jay” (reserved only for my parents) you are ok by me.

2)  How long have you been a runner? Started in college to keep in shape/drop weight for rowing the 5-seat starboard in a Lightweight 8 (funny how High School marching band never required me to be in shape) and have been running ever since.

3)  Why do you run (or what are you running from?)? To think.  To be outside.  To think about being outside?  It brings me great balance and perspective and I have made some great friends doing it to boot! All of this, plus my dad ran when I was a kid – good role model to have.

4)  How many BRRs have you run? 2009 will be my 4th (6 person team in 2006, 4 person team in 2007, 4 person team in 2008).
5)  Last 3 races you have run? 2009 Half-Marathon Trail run on Anne Springs Greenway, 2009 Ellerbe Springs Marathon and 2008 Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon (Jason M and I tend to “run” in the same circles or maybe we just run in circles).
6)  Upcoming events you might be training for? Mesa Falls Marathon in WY and a few other marathons (Charlotte, Raleigh, Disney Goofy Challenge, Myrtle) in the fall/winter.
7)  What Brand/Model running shoes do you run in? Asics Gel DS Trainers – although they are about to price me out of the market after 12 years running in them.  Asics:  if you are listening out there it is time to drop those prices!  We are in a recession here!
8)  When you aren’t running you are  ______. In order of time spent:  Working, Sleeping, Playing with my family, being a geek (could be argued this is the most as it is occurring all of the time), reading, eating, twittering, mowing the lawn, showering, taking out the trash, bringing the trash can back in, getting the mail…ok, you get the picture.  Best answer is likely being a wise-arse.
9)  Favorite/Rave Run (location, course, etc.)? I love running on the Anne Springs Close Greenway trails here in Fort Mill, SC.  Running in rural locations is always cool to me.
10) What is the running accomplishment you are most proud of achieving? Running the NYC Marathon in 2003 with my wife Cindy.  On record it should be known that it was one of the worst marathons I have ever run (out of shape, 80+ degree day, etc.) but such a cool experience running most of the way together.  Running Disney in 2007 was also cool as we ran the 1st half together and then I ran my fastest 2nd half of a marathon to date.  Cool stuff.
11) Favorite BRR Memory (or for 1st timers:  why do the BRR?)? Wow – sooo many cool memories.  I have such vivid memories of the legs I have run in the quiet of the wee morning hours.  I remember cresting a hill and seeing the moon rise from behind the mountainside just beneath a cloud.  Way cool.  Also think fondly of the sun setting while running up the Grandfather leg – because you are under the trees it gets dark very, very gradually.  Lastly – the sandwiches at the Green Mountain Fire Station are vividly fresh and tasty compared to powerbars, GUs, gatorades, etc.  I could go on and on…have I mentioned how much I like this race!?!
12) What is your favorite running song currently in your ipod? I rarely run without music.  Everything from Block Party to Sufjan Stevens to The Beasties to The Kooks to Queensryche (yep, product of the 80s metal era here).  My thing is never wanting to hear any song twice while on a run and never wanting to play the playlists in order.  My marathon playlists are set for the target time I want to run as incentive.  Geek on!


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