Ok, NOW it is Official…

…The Blue Ridge Relay Race Director (Ken S.) has confirmed our team’s registration into the BRR.  Actually he was made official on July 13th but I failed to check my lesser-used web mail address for the past 3 weeks… Doh!  What does this mean for my fellow running compadres?  Individual runner registration time!  We are all set on registration fees but each runner on our team (that’s you!) is required to register online at the Blue Ridge Relay Registration Page.  Simple instructions:

  • Click the link above.
  • Click the “Click here to register new runner” link
  • Fill in the details requested (paying particular attention to selecting our team name “4tunate (to have 2 more runners)”)
  • Read liability waiver (see Alex S. for questions – ha!)
  • Click “Submit my Runner Registration” button.

That’s it.  If you are interested you can play the “pick the former Team 4tunate runner out of the scrolling pictures at the top of the page” game (hint – it’s John and he’s the one with the mailbox shaped like a ‘4’ in the background – a perfectly planned photo op if you ask me).  Oh, yeah – and keep the questions coming.  The latest question I saw was about reflective vests.  They are required for night legs and any leg that runs up on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  At night blinking red lights are required both on the front of your shirt and the back.  A headlight/flashlight is also nice to have – we can share many of these as required.  I have 2 headlights and 3 blinking red lights.

Coming soon:  Runner #2 Profile.  Runner #3 will follow shortly thereafter, then Runner #4, you get the drill.  Start thinking of your responses as our loyal audience of 8 are on the edges of their seats!

Run on!


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