We’re Baaack! Team 4tunate (to have 2 additional runners) Returns for 2009 BRR!

Ok - imagine this picture w 4 new faces surrounding the 2 in the middle...

Yes!  It is nearly official (just awaiting Ken’s formal welcome note) we are in again for 2009!  Team 4tunate is back for our 4th year in a row but this time we are “new and improved.”  “New” as in 3 rookie BRR runners (welcome Alex, Kevin and Chris!) and “improved” as in our 4th runner Whitney is a returning team member from our first time (and our fastest time) running the event in 2006 (welcome back Whitney!).  Rounding out our team are the 2 in the middle above, Jason M. and Jason S. – we are just here to ensure our entry streak remains intact.   So of the picture above act like the 2 people of each of the outside ends aren’t there and instead envision 4 of the fastest, most in-shape runners you can think of in their place.  Hope the team members I have never met F2F don’t mind the high expectations I have set for our reading audience…

For those blog voyeurs out there we welcome your thoughts and comments so long as you don’t mind smatterings of our race prep jibber-jabber along the way.  Here’s a taste of some of the exciting topics we plan to discuss in the spirit of jibber-jabber:

  • Runner Profiles – stealing a page out of another site’s playbook here…shameful, I know.
  • Training plans
  • Team shirts (see poll)
  • Community van items (band-aids, TP, anti-chafing agent, ice, water, sports drink, etc.)
  • Race morning logistics, pick-ups, etc.
  • When I think of the BRR, the first visual that comes to mind is…
  • The things would I like to forget about previous relays…
  • Best race leg and why?  Worst race leg and why?

In addition we will add links to the sites, blogs, etc. of other BRR teams running in 2009.  Anything else?

As always we are looking forward to it!


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  1. So excited to be a part of the team!

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