2008 BRR Wrap-up #1

All Smiles - no miles...

All Smiles - no miles...

I won’t even try to wrap this event up in one email as my mind is only now starting to think cohesively again about it.  208 miles, 4 runners, 2 drivers for a 2nd year in a row in the books.  Stairs the day after were not to be taken lightly – I planned my day around the “must-have” trips up and down them.  At one point I walked around the entire house to remove 2 stairs from my path.  It wasn’t pretty.  Things are starting to improve today as I traversed stairs nearly all day without the use of the rail.  Tomorrow, I vow to take a full step per leg vs. stepping both legs on each step.

I won’t get into large-scale reviews of this race at this point other than to say that it was flawlessly managed by the organizers and the volunteers were all wonderful (well, except that one at 1am in the Ingles parking lot who insisted I was missing a flashing red light).  It is 1am in Ingles, is it really a top priority?  I am almost over it.  More on the race in a later post.  This post is about pictures, results, and more pictures…The picture above will get you to our team galleries or click here for a slideshow.  The links at the bottom will get you to about 15 galleries from all kinds of race organizers, sponsors and participants – thanks to Teams Vac-n-Dash and Changes in Altitude for their pics.  The spreadsheet of our deterioration is also documented and compared to last year’s slow breakdown.  Results are not accurate nor official.

The BRR Race Pictures

Team Changes in Altitude Pictures

Graham K’s Race Pictures

Vac-n-Dash CEO’s Race Pictures

Wassim’s Race Pictures

Wes’ Race Pictures

Whitney’s Race Pictures


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  1. Hey! You were too fast, so we never caught up.
    I’m guessing it was good. We had a blast.

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