Last Minute Stuff with a Dash of Anticipation

Even though this is the 3rd year running this race I find myself consumed with anticipation and nerves.  The nerves plus feeling the ‘phantom’ soreness, twinges, and muscle pulls that aren’t really there is doing a great job keeping my mind completely occupied.  Less than 4 days out from the Team 4Tunate start.  Team 4tunate running shirts are in hand.  Food is being purchased.  Vans are secured.  2 hurricanes are tempting the fates of good weather gods.  My goal is to hit some 9:30pm bedtimes this week, rest completely (no more runs), hydrate reasonably and eat some serious carb and protein calories.  Dairy will be eliminated from the diet as of Wednesday at noon.  From here on out it will be adrenaline, rested legs, fresh history of training and shared pain to the finish…

The race organizers posted 3 additional doc which I have published via Google Docs:

1)  Pre-Relay Notes and Logistics

2) Food and Gas Logistics

3) Condensed Cue Sheet for the BRR Legs

The packing has started.  I can’t wait for Friday morning!


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