Team 4tunate Starting Time Update

Ok – spoke with the race director and we are now in the 7:30am starting slot.  Closer to home for us than the previous 10:30am slot.  I did tell him we were absolutely flattered with his confidence in us and if he wanted to setup a 4-person ultra category (vs. a “6 and less” ultra category) we would certainly not complain. 


On another note, sometimes I wonder if it is just you and I talking to each other Jason M.  If so, it is a pleasure to do so with such modern formality.  If others are watching/reading please note the updated links…Jason M. – thanks for updating the planning spreadsheet.


2 Responses

  1. bigRahn – thanks for reaching out and debunking the myth that Jason and I use this as glorified email. 🙂 Instead of seeing you at the start why don’t we plan to see you sometime around midnight on roan-soaked streets. Be gentle as you whiz on by!

  2. Hey Jason,
    Don’t worry, lots of other people are reading and hanging on your every word, as we make plans for our own race.
    (We were looking forward to seeing you at the start, since we’re in the 10:00 start time too. But alas, it won’t be so.)

    bigRahn (Driver and not chief organizer, team Runners Fit)

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