Multi-Run Weekend – Take 4

With Jason S. playing golf this weekend, I’ll post my running update for the week.  I am fairly happy with the weekend but took a big break from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon.  While that doesn’t replicate the actual event, I still feel good about it.  Besides, running can’t always get in the way of real life.  


Run 1: Fri @ 7am – 7 miles
Run 2: Fri @ 4pm – 5.5 miles
Run 3: Fri @ 9pm – 8.5 miles – tough run, lots of hills
Run 4: Sat @ 5:15am – 7 miles
Run 5: Sat @ 6:30am – 4.5 miles (including run home)
Run 6: Sun @ 4pm – 8.5 miles

Run 5 was a bad one – had the feeling of being light-headed and just generally felt bad.  I took it easy for the rest of the day on Saturday and ate more carbs and protein.  Need to be sure I eat up the week before.  It was good to have Dave back for a run this weekend.  Plan from here on out is solid runs, a little cross-training, and lots of rest.

Can’t wait to hear how the golf / run weekend went for Jason.  A team meeting is planned for this week to review the team’s initial draft of logistics and supply plan.


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  1. Ok – so I played 72 holes of golf between Friday lunch and Sunday lunch. Not too shabby for a golf workout. I did manage to squeeze in 2 runs both around 5 miles. I am now calling the weekend prior my peak weekend and pulling out a regimen of heavy rest, hydration and energy build-up with a few scattered short runs in between. Nice work Martin – 40 miles is solid! Now rest and eat up!

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