Multidays Take 3!

Left, right, left, right, left, right…  One foot in front of the other.  37 miles for me in 6 runs over 48 hours but more importantly, a strong reminder on calorie intake.  During the 2nd leg of our Saturday morning run I was hurting for energy.  Stopped in to the Harris Teeter grocery and purchased some expensive soy milk drink and a banana to supplement the Powerbar and water I was carrying.  I proceded to sit down to a hearty meal.  Without thinking I ate it all.  The next 9 miles were spent with wrap-around side stitches and all the fun of undigested food in my belly while exercising.  Martin and I put in 18.3 on Saturday in total up some pretty rough hills in the Ballantyne area.  Here’s the breakdown

  • Friday 1pm:       5.0 mile run – hilly neighborhood perimeter run.
  • Friday 6pm:       5.0 mile run – hilly neighborhood run
  • Sat 5:30am:       3.4 mile run – Rea/Ardrey Kell run
  • Sat 6:30am:       6.0 mile run – Colony/Rea/Providence area
  • Sat 8:10am:       9.0 mile run – Providence/Ballantyne Common/Rea     
  • Sun 11:00am:    8.0 mile run – hilly Fort Mill run

I fully expect Martin to have put in near 80 miles last weekend.  I am proud that I hung in with him for just over 18 miles of it.  Next weekend the goal is to get 7 runs and 40 miles in…going to have to fit it in between golf rounds which might be tough on the handicap.


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