The official starting times…

Good news, bad news on our start time.  The race organizers must really have more faith in our training regimen than we do as we have a 10am start time on Friday morning.  Good news:  1)  The larger teams will be fearing our 7:30 pace 4-man team.  2)  we get to sleep in on Friday morning compared to year’s past.  Bad news, we may need night gear not just for Friday night but also Saturday and we may have to draw our own finish line at the end!

In all seriousness, I am working with the race organizers to see about getting us back in our sweet spot – 9 min/miles.

The Official 2008 BRR Handbook is out, our shirts are at the printer and Jason M. is working on setting up our pre-race meeting…

Lastly, 5 runs down this weekend – 2 more to go…


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  1. Just a brief follow-up: we are now back in the 7:30am starting slot. Should be some familiar faces in the starting group as well…

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