Multidays Take 2!

Another weekend of lots of running.  John, Jason and I met up on Saturday for 2 runs in the Fort Mill/Baxter area.  Lots of hills!  John shows up with over 20 under his belt from Friday alone!  Martin wasn’t far behind.  I slacked again for 4.6 in the heat of the day.

  • Friday 4:30pm:  4.6 mile run – neighborhood perimeter run.
  • Sat 5:30am:       8.5 mile run – Dam Road Loop – monster hill!
  • Sat 7:30am:       6.5 mile run – More Fort Mill hills.
  • Sun 7:30am:      4.0 mile run.
  • Sunday 2:30pm: 4.6 mile run in the neighborhood.

Now Jason M. ran something like 65 miles and about 40 into it he ran a 1/2 marathon at 1:34 pace.  Unbelievable.  Maybe this is why the BRR Race organizers think we deserve to be seeded with a 7:30/mi pace.  As of now we start at 10am.  Hoping the 7:30 pace was a mistake and we can get moved closer to where we averaged with 4 last year (9:00+ min pace).  Oh well, if not at least we get some extra zzzs.

Next weekend we plan to add at least 1 run and another 5-7 total miles and the following weekend looking to run fit in 6-7 runs across 2-3 days nearing 35-40 miles.

Somehow during a gold weekend I need to figure out how to get like 8 runs in between the 4 rounds we are playing…Might be running from shot to shot at this point.


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