Multi-days Take 1!

Not speaking for the rest of the team but I kicked off my first weekend of multi-day training last weekend and I am glad it is done!  If I am honest, I admit that I pushed it out on the first weekend I was planning to do this as fatigue from Grandfather was still quite apparent.  Feeling the pressure from teammates and some not-so-positive memories from my 7th, 8th and 9th legs last year I decided to get it in gear this past weekend.  Here’s the run-down:

  • Friday 7am:       4.6 mile run in the neighborhood.
  • Friday 1:30pm:  6.5 mile run – bottom of the dam loop.
  • Saturday:           I thought about it but couldn’t muster up a run.
  • Sunday 7:30am: 5.0 mile run in the neighborhood.
  • Sunday 3pm:      5.5 mile run – abbreviated bottom of the dam loop.

The afternoon runs were in 95+ degree heat and the last few miles I had to remember not to underestimate the impact.  Of course light calf and quad cramps helped keep me honest.

John ran 4 runs in 2 days with near 20 miles and Jason I believe topped us all with 4 runs in 2 days at around 27 miles.  We expect Dave to come back from the wild west looking like the track star he once was – nothing but time, nature and crisp air on his side.  His progress is being kept close to the vest.

Next weekend we plan to add at least 1 run and another 5-7 total miles and the following weekend looking to run fit in 6 runs across 2-3 days nearing 35 miles. 

Only 3 more weekends worth of multi-days to go before rest, rest and more rest.


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