With Grandfather Behind Us – Multi-run Days to Begin…

John, Jason and I finished off Grandfather Mountain Marathon on July 12 and it was memorable (click here for some of John’s memories, here for Jason M’s and here for mine).  We knew it would be hard, but maybe underestimated it a touch.  The heat likely didn’t help – as I ran into the Highland Games Stadium for the last .2 I did my best to pull it together.  Just run the lap without pulling a “Paula Newby-Frasier” and walk away pleased with getting through this one.  Grandfather is definitely one of the hardest marathons I have run but somehow I already want to do it again.  Likely the beauty seen during the run but maybe also something about looking both forward and backward on an uphill section and seeing not one person running…At any rate, a good wake-up call for what waits ahead in just over 6 weeks…

Multiple-run days start this weekend – Friday AM, Friday PM, Saturday AM, Saturday PM likely 4 miles each leg nice and easy.  The plan is to build up to 7-8 miles per leg  with 5 legs between now and 2 weeks out then rest until the event.  I can taste the beef ravioli and rice pudding already!


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  1. I think John wins the prize for best pictures – he looks like he worked the hardest during the race. The Jason’s look like they are laughing at the end. Of course, we know that Jason S. is scared of the large Scottish men tossing huge chunks of wood in his direction.

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