70 Days and Counting…

Alright lady and gents – just over 10 weeks until the big event and already my mind wanders to random thoughts about it regularly.  Today’s thought was waking up on the grass in a parking lot in the sun (the shade moved off of me) and not seeing the van where it was before I napped.  A few days back all I could think about was how good the sandwich tasted at the fire station checkpoint  in the middle of the night.  Anyways – couple of points of note for the group:

  • Shirts – I am going to place the order for this shirt and color this weekend.  Double-check the color to make it will go with you respective running outfits.  For the record, I laughed out loud while writing this.  This shirt is the same shirt the Dupont Forest Trail Marathon gave out last October.
  • Historical Record – During the kid’s quiet times last weekend I created a Blue Ridge Relay group on MapMyRun.com and mapped out the 36 legs.  I plan to capture time/effort post-race here but it provides pretty good views with elevation as well.  Point of note:  the maps are close but not exact.  2nd point of note:  mapmyrun is improving because most of these roads weren’t viewable via their site last year. 
  • Van – Jason M. has us covered here.  He looked for a hybrid model but no luck unless we want to forgo comfort, sleep and supplies for a Prius.  My guess is our ride won’t have the distinctive “duelie” look we had last year.

That is all for now…Comment at will.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Jason –

    Thanks! Probably won’t do a heck of a lot on Twitter in real time … as you know, cell coverage is dicey in that part of the world, which makes it challenging.

    We do hope to relay updates back to someone in Greensboro so they can post to the blog over the race weekend.

    Glad to hear the training is going so well – see you in a few weeks!

  2. TLG – we like your move to Twitter…edgy. Go easy on us 4 when you come rolling by us in the night.

    Seriously – are you planning to twitter stage-by-stage results and real-time feedback? Lots of possibilities. Keep us posted if you see more BRR blogs come alive in the next few months.

  3. Hey guys – good to see you back at it this year! Hard to believe the race is a little over two months away!

    See you in September!


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