Team 4tunate Will Attempt to be “Green”

In addition to the probable shirt color this year, Team 4tunate will do our best to help the environment.  This is difficult on a 208-mile relay given the amount of gas required to transport a large van, so we will attempt to reduce our footprint in other ways.  Below are initial ideas but feel free to add!

  • Reduce # of water bottles – last year, we went through a number of water bottles.  This year, we will each have 2-3 bottles and continue to refill them with water from large jugs (less overall plastic consumed).
  • Reduce # of Gatorade bottles – same concept as water bottles but with Gatorade powder
  • Separate bags for recyclables – we started to do this last year but could be more diligent
  • Maybe wear Brooks running shoes 
  • Take only one van – we were going to do this anyways (we only have 4 runners and 2 drivers) but we encourage other teams to reduce their number of vehicles

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