Team 4tunate re-ups for 2008!

Maybe we are gluttons, creatures of habit, or slightly obsessed but Team 4tunate has signed on for a 3rd year of the Blue Ridge Relay!  Same 4 runners running the same legs, same 2 drivers hopefully driving a single-wheeled van vs. the “duelie van”, and same core staples for food:  beef-a-roni, rice pudding and bananas.  Training commences once “marathon season” winds down this spring.  We need to get the multiple running days down on the calendar and I will start the “beef-a-roni” countdown so we are good and ready for 30 hours in a van filled with 4 guys eating a case of beef-a-roni.

I am looking forward to it gentlemen!  Now if we can only get the race to recognize there IS a difference between a 4-man ultra team and a 6-man ultra team.  Oddly, we may be the only team that can explain this difference from experience.

The BRR had another article published in Southern Living – check it out.


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