A picture is worth a thousands words…

…at the beginning of the race the words were “fun”, “exciting”, “challenge”, “adventure”, etc. Towards the end of the race the words started to reflect a bit of a darker tone. Words like “ugh”, “wah-er”, “am I next already?”, “only 30 more miles to run”, “I am too tired to change”, and “pass the beefaroni” became standards. Lots of great things about this race already have me excited to do it again next year (maybe with a few more than 4 runners)!

Watch the Team 4tunate beat-down progress through these pictures like you were there…(you will need a Yahoo ID to log into Flickr or get a free Flickr ID.

Click here for the slideshow.

Click here to browse the Flickr site as you wish.

We will add to these pictures over the next few days as they get consolidated off of other cameras.

In addition, here are the food items and other sundries worth mentioning as we plan next year’s race:


  • Bananas – 6 per runner (max – you get tired of these)
  • Water – 20 per runner (could be easier to use jugs vs. all of the small bottles)
  • Gels – 1 per runner per leg
  • Powerbars – 6 per runner (again, these lose their luster)
  • Candy bars – 6-8 per runner (a variety is a must; these replace the energy things halfway into the race)
  • 4 “meals” – I liked my cold spaghetti-spinach pasta for a late lunch but REALLY enjoyed the deli sandwich near midnight
  • 6-8 small cans of beefaroni – the salt/fat/pasta combo here is surprisingly unbeatable at all hours of this race
  • 12 gatorades per runner (max)
  • 2-3 cokes – coke was surprisingly appealing near the end of the 1st day/beginning of the 2nd day
  • 4-6 bags of sugary candy (swedish fish were nice; gummies; even candy corns would have worked)
  • John’s rice pudding
  • Chocolate covered almonds

Non-food Items:

  • pillow
  • blanket or sleeping bag
  • earplugs
  • advil
  • iPod
  • dry pullover clothes
  • 4-6 pairs of socks
  • 3-5 pairs of running shorts
  • 3-5 running shirts
  • 1 long-sleeved shirt
  • Crocs
  • 2 pairs of running shoes
  • big towel (sitting in wet clothes and changing)
  • running hat
  • non-running hat
  • sunglasses
  • sunblock
  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • running watch
  • running log for splits
  • fold out chairs?
  • digital camera
  • reflective vest, headlamp and flasher lights

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