Oh What a Feeling…and preliminary results are in.

Sunday morning 6:30 am. Deep in sleep after 50+ miles of running and several nights of not much sleep at all. My oldest child (4+ years) is staring me down awaiting a big day ahead. I am game; I can start building “points” back from being gone two days right away. Bright and early. Here it goes. One arm lifts one leg from the bed to the floor. The other arm lifts the other leg. So far so good. Uh-oh. Not so much. I stand, wobble backwards. Now I am sitting on the bed again. My boy is starting to get concerned. Ok, piece it together I tell myself. 1-2-3, up. Each step for the rest of the day is as if 10 knives are being plummeted into my quads. I plan my entire day out in the bathroom while brushing to avoid having to go down the stairs except for the one time this morning. All of this and the BRR was a huge accomplishment for Team 4tunate!

Even with the extreme soreness that running 50+ miles in a day can cause, I have a fondness for this race that I can’t seem to shake. Doing it again seems senseless at times, yet not doing it again seems out of the question (at this very moment, doing it with a 4-man team again is still ABSOLUTELY out of the question but we, the team agreed on a 4-week quiet period before further discussion). The event was spectacular. Running in the wee hours of the morning in small-mountain town USA is oddly cool. Reaching the point in the race where you know you are going to get to the end (leg 5 or roughly mile 31 for me) is awesome. Getting back into the van after a leg and being too tired to change out of your sweaty clothes before taking your next nap. All part of an amazing great experience.

I plan to capture additional thoughts but need more time for the event to soak in and my body to return to normal. Pictures of our event will also be posted in an upcoming entry. In the meantime, here are the preliminary results for the 2007 BRR (not official yet, but close enough) and some comparisons to last year for all to chew on during this quiet period of reflection:

2006 Place/Rank:  27 out of 35 overall and 2nd out of 3 teams of 6.

2007 Place/Rank: 43 out of 47 overall and 3rd out of 3 “Ultra” teams (Although I look at it as 1st place in the 4-person category) .

2006 overall time (min/mile):  30:58:57 (8:56 pace over 208 miles).

2007 overall time (min/mile):  32:08:00 (9:16 pace over 208 miles).

# of 4 person teams in 2006:  0

# of 4 person teams in 2007:  1


2 Responses

  1. I must have said it 100 times over the length of the weekend, but you guys never ceased to amaze me. Being able to pull yourselves out of the van at 4am, throw on a reflective vest and summon the energy to run another leg is more than impressive. I don’t know where the determination and drive came from, but you inspired me to start running again.

    I had a blast on the adventure through smalltown America… nothing like a ham and cheese sandwich at 10pm, made by a lady volunteering for the Green Valley fire department. Thanks for the opportunity!

    And congrats again on an amazing / slightly insane accomplishment!

  2. Nice work! Sorry I did not get the chance to meet you guys — you were probably too busy running!

    TLG is planning to be there again next year – best wishes on resting up and getting ready for BRRR 2008! 🙂


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