Starting to obsess a bit…

Less than 1 week out (6 more days) until the start of the BRR and the obsessing has commenced. Some examples of this behavior can be found below:

  • 9 pairs of sock (one for each leg), 4-5 or just 1 with a backup in case it rains?
  • 3 running outfits or bring more? Typically when I hike there are hiking clothes and non-hiking clothes – 2 sets only seems to be more efficient.
  • A spreadsheet was built today with the food, ibuprofen amounts, and replenishment liquids to take after each leg (inspired by a teammate).
  • 2007 BRR Maps – by leg ordered for 4-man Ultra team have been refreshed since last year and dropped off for lamination at a local copy store – maps include each turn (with distance and approximate time per direction point) with the elevation maps taken from the BRR site. Each map is color-coded by each of our 4-man running team members. Total time per leg (estimated based on difficulty of leg) and approximate rest time once the leg is completed can also be found.

Keep this behavior up and it could be a long 6 days…


One Response

  1. Starting to obsess? I’ve been obsessed with every piece of food I’ve put in my mouth for a few days. My obsessions are:
    1. Drinking a lot of water – A LOT.
    2. Eating two bananas (at minimum) a day
    3. Sleeping as much as possible.

    I agree with your 9 pairs of socks routine – I may not change every time, especially if I have a shorter run followed by a medium run, but at least I will have them.

    I am bringing 3-4 running outfits and one non-running for post-race. I think dry shirts are the key. I also recommend bringing at least one long-sleeve running shirt.

    Thanks for pulling together the maps!

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