Final Logistics and Updated Departure Time

The team met for a SRLC today and finalized departure times and supplies.  Below are the details. 

Thursday Afternoon:

  • Dave and Jason will pick up the van on Thursday afternoon.  I’ll stock up most of the stuff on Thursday.


Friday morning:

We made an adjustment in the departure time to ensure we get there in plenty of time.  We were going to be cutting it close with the previous timeframe.

  • John, Martin, Sutton will meet at Dave’s at 3:00am.
  • John will call Martin at 2:30am.  Martin will pick up John at 2:45am to reduce # of cars left at Dave’s.
  • Martin will call Sutton at 2:45am to be sure he is on the road.
  • John will call Olivia at 3:15am to ensure they are up.
  • Van will arrive at Olivia’s at 3:30am and will leave no later than 3:45am (earlier the better and safer)

Please remember that space is at a premium in the van so please limit yourself to one bag of clothes and stuff.  We will have two coolers – one for drinks and one for other foods.


One Response

  1. Nice work JMart. In John’s words from the SRLC “Don’t get hypnotized by ‘DaveSpeak’ – early beats late on race day.”

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