A Note from Ken – leader of the BRR…

Ken sent the captains a note today with a couple of last minute reminders.  I have signed us up for food whenever it is being offered and some important rules are being reviewed below…9 more days – rest, rest, rest. 

We’re closing in on one week before we start running the 2007 Blue Ridge Relay.  Several items please:

  1. I’ve received questions about appropriate night gear.  Please refer to the Rules, which are accessed from the Registration page.  Rule 10 addresses appropriate night gear.  During the night hours (7:30pm – 7:30am) runners must wear a reflective vest.  Only vests will be acceptable.  One blinking light must be worn on the back, one blinking light must be worn on the front of the runner.  The runner must carry a flashlight (a headlamp is acceptable).  Please note that everyone (non-active runners, drivers, etc…) who are not in their team vehicle during the night hours, must wear a reflective vest.  It would be foolish for someone to be hit in a parking lot.  This will be enforced.  PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR TEAM IS WELL VERSED ON THE RULES.
  2. All runners on the Blue Ridge Parkway must wear a reflective vest, regardless of time of day.  If you have a leg that includes the Parkway, the Relay Official will not let you start if you are not wearing a reflective vest.  This will be enforced.
  3. For those teams that chose a volunteer option, please ask your volunteers to confirm their exchange zone assignments with me, if they haven’t already.  We did our best to assign requested locations.
  4. We’ve had a great response for the sub-stop at Plumtree and pancakes at Pensacola.  However, only about ½ of the teams responded.  This is giving us an estimated head count for these community groups.  Currently, we’re about 250 estimated eaters at each site.  If you haven’t responded and you think your team will eat subs or pancakes, please contact us with an estimate this week so these community groups can plan appropriately.  Thanks.

Finish line stuff (I’ll confirm in the next 1-2 days…Kristin’s been working diligently):

  1. Highly recommended Asheville-based Blue Grass band playing live, I believe 1:00 – 5:30 (again, I need to confirm with Kristin).
  2. Hot dogs on the grill…we hope to cook up a bunch of dogs at the finish…come hungry.

Please contact us if we could answer any questions and if we could assist in any way.

To the Start…



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