Less than 2 weeks to go!!!

After a week on the John Muir Trail in the Sierras/Yosemite I had time to do some deep, uninterrupted thinking.  Unfortunately I didn’t write down most of my great ideas, thoughts and concepts so I will throw out those that I can remember top of mind (note the short length of this list) now that I have re-joined the world of the working and technology-enabled.

  • Jason M. – I am out an any further training runs.  Going into all-out rest mode starting today.  95 miles of hiking the past few days has me  as ready as I am going to be for the big event.
  • No new news from the BRR folks.
  • The Hiking Trip last week gave me a full appreciation for the importance of energy management during the race.  Powerbars, bananas, candy is likely the tip of the iceberg.  All important, but we need to ensure we have sustainable energy sources as well.  5000-6000 calories/day will not be easy to get without something meaningful.  My plan is to bring a few pasta dishes in plasticware in the cooler for us to eat as desired.  Could go the freeze-dried food route too (about 600-750 calories per pouch and all you need is hot water).
  • Maps are being updated as we speak.
  • A good article on tips for distance relay events can be found here – I like the comment on parking the van down the road a bit to let the incoming running warm down a bit before jumping into the van.
  • Assuming we are in for a Short Run, Long Coffee (SRLC) on Saturday to get final preparations buttoned up…let me know otherwise.

Did I miss anything last week?


3 Responses

  1. I am only going to run a couple more times prior to next Friday. After this past weekend, I am as ready as I will ever be.

    I am in for whatever people want to do this Saturday, as long as it is not too far.

    Regarding food – I experimented with the single serving pop-top SPaghetti-os (with meatballs of course) and Luck’s Chicken and Dumplings – worked out awesome!

    See you all Saturday at 6 am.

  2. Jason S –

    Awesome pictures from your trip! I looked through them on Sunday and was struck by the scenery. A few thoughts to back yours:
    – No worries about the no training runs. I need to do a few more this week and next. Will also mix in some swimming and biking. During our trip to Italy, Croatia, Turkey, and Greece last week, I only got a handful of runs in. I need a few more to make myself feel prepared. Combining swimming, running, and biking with some upcoming garage organization and painting projects pre-BRR should be plenty.
    – Food – I’ve had a few more thoughts about this. I like the pasta in plasticware idea and will do that for myself. Let’s make that a “bring-your-own” item, much like the gels and Powerbars. I am against the freeze-dried foods but if you, or others, want to do it – go for it. I am not sure where we will find hot water out there. I plan a Costco run after our Saturday run / meeting and will scope out granola bars, frozen fruit, and other items.
    – I’m putting together a binder for the drivers and runners. We’ll include your updated maps.

    I’ll post more thoughts later – gotta learn how to make my own posts. I’ll add a few pictures from our trip (which was great). Still on for SRLC on Saturday – say 6am?

  3. Your JMT entry popped up on my Google alerts, and the discussion of energy management was something that my wife and I frequently talk about while thru-hiking. We think we’ve got a good food plan – ample calories, carbs, etc, but still find ourselves hitting the wall about an hour after lunch. I stumbled across a series of articles yesterday that made me think our problem is too much protein at lunch. As a runner, your needs would be a little different than a thru-hiker. I’d give the link, but think that would violate the terms of service, so just google for Brenda Braaten eat right and you will see a lot of hits. She’s pretty well known in hiking circles.

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