Team Guidebook and Leg Details were published today!

Read up runners and drivers as this is the race bible.  Lots of rules (blah, blah, blah) and some interesting notes about the course for runners and drivers alike.  Docs can be found via Google docs/spreadsheets at the links below.

 Click here for the 2007 BRR Team Handbook

 Click here for the 2007 BRR Legs – Cue Sheet
Couple of noteworthy items:

  • They still don’t like iPods/walkmans in the race – time added to the leg as a penalty which seems odd given the large number of these devices I counted on runners last year.
  • It looks like firefighters will be making hoagies at exchange 18 (Plumtree Church) and a local church will be making pancakes at exchange 30.  Let’s put an asterisk next to these legs as I have a feeling we will want a break from van food.
  • The Mountain Goat Hard leg is shorter making the following leg (downhill most of the way) about 2 miles longer.
  • Roughly 14,000 feet of elevation loss (downhill) and roughly 12,000 feet of elevation gain is serious stuff.
  • Legs 11, 12, and 13 have a “do not take support vans on the Blue Ridge Parkway” rule.  Alternate routes are in the guidebook.
  • Seems like the 12-person team “transition zones” are more clearly marked/designated this year than last.  Olivia/Michael – this is where you will want to pay special care about not running over sleeping bags in the middle of a parking area and to be sure to park the vehicle for easy (unblocked) exit.

I couldn’t be more excited…


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