The 2007 BRR Team Seedings are in!

Team 4tunate has a 6:45 wake-up call with reality on September 7th.  At first glance I thought we were starting at 9:30am but alas, that is our pace.  I had even started a note to the organizer requesting for an earlier seed time.  I can’t remember what time we were talking about leaving from Charlotte last week but we should bump it 30-45 minutes earlier. 

 Is the other 12 man team (Tripp/Dave’s team) named “The Mountain Lions” or “Running with the Devil”?

2007 BRR Team Seedings (note 49 teams!)

2007 BRR Planning Sheet (supply list only)


3 Responses

  1. the solo guy is a nut job…not that a 4-man team is much better off in the judgment department.

  2. They are Running with the Devils, as in Blue Devils.

    I got a final run in on Saturday evening at 7:45 pm (5.6 miles). It was definitely a brutal day. Hopefully it will pay off.

  3. Thanks for getting us up Captain! I am very surprised that there are only 2 Ultra teams. And who is this person who is running it by themselves?

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